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We all want to be the best poker player, here is someone to help and coach us!

Tadas Peckaitis is a professional poker player, author of the free poker book “Play ‘A’ game and “ be the boss at your poker table” and poker coach at

He started playing poker back in 2008 while still being at university. After playing many home games with his dorm friends, he discovered a booming online poker world and jumped right into it. 

While playing live, he met many great players and had an opportunity to learn a lot. Therefore, with help from many coaches, he went back to play online. This time playing some online MTT’s, but mostly concentrating on HUSNG games and dedicated himself to playing and learning it. According to Tadas, it was the most important poker experience, because it led too much deeper understanding of the game and general strategy, which is needed to be a consistent winner. 

After playing HUSNG (Heads Up Sit and Go) for a while, he reached his last destination – NLHE 6max cash. It quickly became the main game, and from 2012 until this day, you can find Tadas playing online. 

Having decent results in poker and some spare money led him into the business world. He invested in a few start-ups and developed successful investment projects along the way. Having an opportunity to work with the best gave him new experiences and showed how to work even more efficiently in any field. 

It was the time he discovered the passion for helping others via mentoring and teaching while managing his team. However, being an active player himself, he did not want to go away from poker so managed to get the best out of both worlds. 

To help other players, in 2014, Tadas started his coaching career with a huge success. Seeing great results from his students, he decided to make it even more official and launched his poker coaching site dedicated to poker strategy and learning the game. 

He’s played it all and now shares his poker knowledge giving poker tips, constantly making new videos on his YouTube channel and sharing all the updates on MyPokerCoaching’s Facebook page!

Click here to get a free copy of his book and view his on-line courses.

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